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NAZAR Kul­tur­magazin Anniver­sary «10 Years of Dust of Soul» (Spe­cial Edition)

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Released on 28 November 2022

In the October/November 2022 issue, the NAZAR Kulturmagazin publishes a special edition about «10 years Dust of Soul» – their complete 10-year inspiration story, about the stroke as a new beginning, the song for the Sultan of Oman and their future-vision: Sustainable Music – «Positive Music Power».

  • Lan­guage: German
  • Pub­lish­er: Cemil Baysal, Bay Swiss Media
  • High Qual­i­ty Print­ing in Switzerland
  • Height: 0.297 meter
  • Width: 0.21 meter
  • Weight: 117 grams


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